Candid Family Photo

What is Candid Family Photography?

As a husband and father of two girls, I understand wanting to participate in every moment of your child's life, while also wanting to suspend these moments in time. And it is the simple, subtle moments, those day-to-day interactions we can take for granted, that often reveal the deepest and most sincere expressions of love. Whether we're feeding a hungry newborn, reading a story to a drowsy, yet captivated, toddler, teaching an eager 1st grader to tie his shoes, or stowing away behind the couch to surprise mom when she gets home, these are the moments that capture our hearts. These are the moments I capture.

I use documentary-style photography that requires nothing of my subjects other than they be who they are, with their families, in those few moments we share together. I don't pose or reposition, nor do I expect picture-perfect behavior. I simply, and subtly, focus on the family, shooting real life as it's happening, in real time and in real settings.

Candid Family Photography captures the moments you most want to remember and gives your family the unforgettable in return: a lifetime of love in pictures. You and your family will fall in love with your candid family photos.

Contact me today to discuss a 'Glimpse in the Life of' photo session. Here's a glimpse of various sessions

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